Email Organisation Online Workshop: Start the New Year as you mean to go on

Email Organisation

Many of us use our email Inbox as our “to do” list, leaving things in there that need to be dealt with. Some people leave it all in the Inbox permanently and just search if they need to find an email.

How is this working for you? How long does it take you to find the emails you need? How long do you spend reminding yourself of why you kept that email again?

Imagine that your Inbox is like post coming through your door. Would you leave it all on the doormat until you got around to dealing with it?


We believe there is a better way and it is very simple.

In this interactive workshop we will work together to get your email organised so you can start 2020 in control.

We will be focusing on;

                  • Clearing out your Inbox.
                  • Putting a simple structure in place for organising emails.
                  • Creating a time-saving system for dealing with emails.

The best bit is we will do it together during the workshop so by the time it is over you will be already working your new system 🙂

Join us on

  • Monday 30th December 2019 from 11am-12.30pm
  • Thursday 2nd January 2020 from 2pm-3.30pm or
  • Monday 6th January 2020 from 2pm-3.30pm

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