We will let our Customers tell you what they think of what we offer and the service we provide;

Thanks Jo for making what felt like an impossibly big job into a manageable one. 😊Your down to earth and humorous approach made the topic easier to digest and I loved your top tips.  Thank you! Joy – February 2020

So, I was on Jo’s Email organisation session in January and really wanted to wait to see if I could maintain the changes I learnt before giving a recommendation. Pleased to say that I am loving this new way of ’email life’! Highly recommend the session.It has been so useful to me!

I had thousands +++ of emails dating over a decade. At the session she showed us what to do, how to do it and we made changes live on our individual emails….great to boost your confidence! I created a filing system that works for me and now generally have no more than 5 mails in my inbox. All older mails are in separate folders and I just work in chunks to sort and declutter. My heart sings🎶🎶

I have created an identical filing system to my new email address and I’m so loving the delete button!
Thanks Jo 😘Rafiat Adekunle – February 2020

“Great session on email organisation. Very hands on session and I ended up with an empty inbox. Great system and interactive session.” Lorraine Dixon – February 2020

Kate & Sue February 2020

Email organisation – online workshop. Jo explained how to do things easily with my emails / inbox and was patient – answering questions and going slowly to ensure I kept up with what she was talking about. It was useful to actually do the tasks as we went along so by the end of it I had a basic structure in place that I can now continue to use. Thanks Jo 🙂 Rebecca Norton – February 2020

Attended Dottys email organisation webinar this morning this morning, it was very good. i attended because i was all over the place where my email organisation was concerned, in fact its been driving insane and costing me time and money for a good while now so when i saw Jo was doing a webinar i decided to attend and i am really glad i did, its revolutionized my email system. Jo made it simple to folliow, it was practical and easy to follow do made a start during the webinar….can highly recommend, easy worth the money, i believe she doing 2 more over next few days. Thanks Dotty ❤ ps Jo also does other work for me too.” Anthony Jackson – December 2019

“Just finished Jo’s brilliant online “Email Organisation” workshop and highly recommend this for anyone who is experiencing email overwhelm! Within 20 minutes, I felt a sense of relief knowing that I’m going to be starting 2020 in a far more organized place! Jo is the perfect guide to help you navigate through the email clutter and show you how to set up a simple structure to manage emails going forward. Thanks Jo!! 💕🐞Jojo Bailey – December 2019

“A week on from my first decluttering session with Jo and I feel like a new woman! That may sound dramatic but it’s true!Jo helped me reorganise my bedroom including sorting through stacks of clothes that I’ve hung onto in different (wrong) sizes for years, lots of jewellery and a huge pile of general stuff that was piling up. Jo gave me the confidence and guidance to tackle it all and create a more calming and organised space. There is no stopping me now! Thank you so much Jo.” Helen Jubb – September 2019

Jo´s up-beat, positive approach to life makes her a joy to work with. A very consciencious lady. I highly recommend her de-cluttering services.” Kelly Thornhill – June 2019

“I just had a 2 hour session with Jo helping me sort out my kitchen, and it was fabulous! She was very efficient, but not overpowering at all – she listened to what I/my family needed to make our lives run smoothly, and helped organise it in a way that makes sense. It was definitely that boost I needed to finally get the job done. And bonus – when she left I kept going in other areas because I was on a roll!

If you need that extra push to finally get some sorting done, and extra pair of hands to help it happen faster, I definitely recommend getting in touch with Jo Lindsey Hall – June 2019

Jo helped us organise 3 of our main spaces in our house, over 3 sessions where we came up with little systems and places to organise the stuff that actually matters, whilst trying to get rid of a lot of the stuff that doesn’t. For those that think – well I can just do that myself! Why haven’t you done so already then? 🙂 Jo provided us with much needed accountability, and lots of little solutions for things that we might not have made quick decisions on. What has been created are 3 spaces that are now much more efficient, functional and more relaxing. No more time wasted looking for stuff we can’t find 😁 A worthy investment that will be recouped very quickly!Doug Banks – May 2019

Jo’s enthusiasm for her work and her caring nature makes her the best person you could possibly want to help you declutter.. I met Jo at an event in January and have been following her inspirational tips and broadcasts online ever since. Her down to earth, practical approach to the overwhelm many experience when trying to clear is fantastic….and she handles it all in good humour. I only wish she lived nearer to me.Susan Baty-Symes – April 2019

“Jo was amazing at helping me get my apartment in shape. I had accumulated a lot of clutter over the years and it had just built up over time to the point where I couldn’t stand it. Jo was friendly and non judgemental and VERY efficient. Now my apartment is crisp, clean and minimal. Just how I pictured it! Working with Jo was the best decision ever!” Nina Emily – april 2019

“Many thanks to Jo and the team for the very efficient and supportive way they cleared my late Mothers house at a difficult time. I would recommend them to anyone needing house clearance. Good to know their policy on land fill and correct disposal of goods and materials.” Jerry Brown – March 2019

“Amazing at helping you improve space but an even more amazing human being” Zak Ahmed – February 2019

I had started a new and very demanded role and was feeling a little overwhelmed when I met Jo at a networking event. She helped me “de-clutter” my head and concentrate on what’s important and not let the small stuff effect my self esteem. She helped me so much and would I recommend her without hesitation. Thanks Jo x” Lizzie W – January 2019

“Fabulous productive day with Jo. If you struggle, especially physically with getting that house sorting project done, you need Jo. So helpful, fresh eyes, gets the job done with no trauma” Jane Dyer – January 2019

“I can highly recommend Jo, the attention to detail and care that Jo gives is spot on. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jo who is a like minded business owner, who understands the pressures of being your own boss and the need to get things done and the time pressures. If you are wanting to make some changes and don’t know where to start, give Jo a call she is super professional and on hand to help with those tasks that you may have been putting off.” Jen J – December 2018

“Jo made it easy to finally get rid of the clutter and look at the emotional elements that had been holding me back.

Excellent service and worth every penny.” Nikki Goodwin – December 2018

“I approached Jo because I live in a ‘fixer-upper’ that I’ve been meaning to fix up for the past 8 years! But it just felt so overwhelming working out what needed doing and where to start.

Jo started by coming round, walking through the house with me and talking through what changes I wanted to make long-term. She then helped me to prioritise the tasks, work out what I would do myself and what I would need to get other people to do. Jo also sourced quotes for me and kept track of the process.

The result is a newly renovated bathroom and bedroom and a clear plan to work out way through the house over the next couple of years. One thing I particularly liked is how understanding and approachable Jo is – she didn’t make me feel bad for procrastinating about the job for so long, we just got on and did it.

I found the experience fun (and I never thought I’d say that about renovations) and it was such a relief to have some help with this. I would recommend Jo to anyone who has a project that they’ve been putting whether that’s renovations, down-sizing or the decluttering that often needs doing alongside that.” Lucy Davies – November 2018

“I recently used Jo’s services for some decluttering at home, what can I say but ‘WOW’! We worked like demons, she put no undue pressure on me but got me in the zone and we spent 4 hours filling bin bags. And the best bit is that anything that can be used by charity, Jo takes there and she also disposes of anything else. One of the most therapeutic days I’ve had in a long time.” Liz Moor – September 2018

“I was a little worried about what to expect at first, but I needn’t have felt stressed as Jo arrived ready to declutter my wardrobe and destress me instantly! It was a fantastic experience and something I didn’t realise was really bothering me, until Jo turned up with her infectious enthusiasm and totally made the change to my space I wanted to make.

I didn’t think money could buy peace of mind but it turns out it can. And it was worth every penny. I can recommend Jo whole heartedly. She was friendly, calm and got stuck in with me, making me feel totally at ease with no embarrassment or feelings of failure (to sort it out myself) just kind lovely encouragement with great storage ideas and the right advice I needed in terms of what to donate to charity, sell on Ebay and what could stay.

If you need a sort out, chances are it’s stressing you out more than you think… offload with a totally satisfying experience with Jo’s decluttering services. The woman knows what she’s doing and you won’t regret it one little bit. I still keep up the practices she left me with. Go for it and go into 2019 with a clear conscience and the peace of mind you deserve! Thanks Jo, you are awesome. Emma xx” Emma Taylor – September 2018

“I was struggling to finish off a large scale research project and needed ways of organising and managing large amounts of data. Jo was very helpful in using her knowledge of Excel and of Project management software to support me in imposing some order and rigour to the work that I was doing. She did not do the work for me but helped me to create a framework via which I was able to complete the work in a timely fashion. Her intervention was critical in me being able to achieve what I wanted to achieve and I am  very grateful to have had that support.” Dr  Paul Stokes – August 2018

“Jo is such a lovely, caring, wise and kind person with a lot of grit and down to earth sense at the same time. A great pleasure to work with and life changing.” Sian Podmore – August 2018

“Jo is authentic and transparent – what you see is what you get. A very genuine woman and lovely to work with.” Maggy Jackson – August 2018

“Her drive, ambition, creativity, attention to detail and all while making you feel secure in the decision you made to employ her services.” James Fisher – August 2018