Senior Move Management

How would you like to ease the transition for everyone involved in moving your loved one into care? How would you like someone to help you through the process?

As you know, “Moving into a home is often a frantic and rushed time …, the emotional state of the representatives … could have a large impact. Residents were often particularly vulnerable at this point …” *.

We help both you and your loved one in the following ways;

  • Spend time with them to decide what they would like to take with them.
  • Document the family history and stories relating to their memorable items – written or video.
  • Sort, reduce, organise and package the items which are being kept.
  • Organise and liaise with a removal company for the move if necessary.
  • Clear the home of all the unwanted items, including carpets, curtains, white goods, stair lift, cooker etc.
  • Recycle or sell the items.
  • Deep clean the home in readiness for sale.

This releaves pressure for all involved, leaving you to focus on the important task of supporting your loved one and communicating with the home about them and the care they need. It also enables the care home staff to concentrate on settling them in without the added pressure of a stressful move from their home.

What difference would it make to you to feel supported at this difficult time?

You don’t have to go through this on your own.

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* The Ipsos MORI Report for the CMA about Care Homes: Consumer Research from August 2017