Some of the many different services we offer are listed below.

Decluttering & Organising

Is clutter taking over your space at home? Do you struggle to find things? Is it a challenge to find room for everything? Would you like to be on top of things at home or in the office? Or would you like to be more organised to create more space or better systems? Why not have a clear out and create some space to breathe? 

Our service is very flexible – all online we’re able to help you for just an hour to get you started on the right track, or offer longer term support to tackle bigger projects. 


House Clearance with Heart

Have you recently lost a loved one? Perhaps you need some support at this difficult time? It can be both a daunting and emotional task to make decisions about a loved ones belongings, especially choosing what to let go and what to save. How would it help your family having an impartial person to help keep the peace?