Some of the many different services we offer are listed below.

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Decluttering & Organising Service

How much clutter do you have in your home that you don’t use?  Do you struggle to find things? Do you not have enough room for everything? Would you like to be on top of things at home or in the office? Or would you like to be more organised and create more space or better systems for storage or your stuff? Why not have a clear out and create some space to breathe? We can help you for just a few hours to get you started or a full week to tackle a great deal more.


Office Decluttering & Organising Service

Would you like to get rid of those heaps of paperwork? Are you sick of not being able to find things? Let’s get it sorted together…

Often our office is the last place we get around to:

  • sorting out,
  • tidying up,
  • getting organised and
  • putting systems in place

Usually I am too busy working in my business and getting the pennies in!

Unfortunately we can end up in a vicious circle


Paperwork Organising

Do you have that heap of paperwork that just keeps getting bigger and seems like a mountain to climb? Do you know what your monthly outgoings are and how much spare cash you have?


Senior Move Management

How would you like to ease the transition for everyone involved in moving your loved one into care? How would you like someone to help you through the process?

As you know, “Moving into a home is often a frantic and rushed time …, the emotional state of the representatives … could have a large impact. Residents were often particularly vulnerable at this point …” *.


House Clearance with Heart

Have you lost a loved one?

How would you like some support at this difficult time? What would be the impact on you having help to make those decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of?  How would it help the whole family to have someone impartial around to keep the peace?