Pricing & Booking

There are a few ways we can work with you – see below for details and click for further information and all links to book


Want to get on with your own decluttering and organising in any area of your life and feel all you need is a little support and encouragement?

Our accountability service is perfect for just this.

Book a number of sessions at time intervals to suit you, each followed up with an email of full details of tasks to do and timescales.

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We also specialise in working with you in your home virtually. Funny how until recently this was quite unknown, but now we are much more familiar with this way of working and communicating.

This has great advantages in that the session time can be reduced and even split over a day or multiple days to allow shorter sessions and save costs.

Book individual sessions from 1 to 4 hours, or split sessions to do a number of hours in a day.

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In Person


This is the classic way of working, with you in your home or place of work and has a few advantages:

  • We can help with the physical aspect of moving items and bagging up
  • Then we take away any items (that will fit in our vehicles) for charity
  • Also, we can assist with loading etc. for runs for recycling or disposal

Bookings taken from 1/2 day to a full week at times to suit you. Mileage and travel costs are easy to calculate too.

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