Funeral Home Support

How would you like to provide an even better service for your customers? What would be the impact on having another revenue stream in your business?  How would it impact on your business if you converted more customers?

“…with around 5,000 funeral director branches, around 3,000 of which are operated by small regional or local businesses” * there is much competition within the UK funerals market which “… is estimated to be worth over £2 billion a year, having grown at an annual rate of 4.5% over the past 5 years …” *.

We can provide a “house clearance with heart” service for you to offer to your customers as follows;

  • We save time by spending time with the family to help them decide what they would like to keep, donate to others, sell and destroy. Focusing on the donation really helps the family feel like they have helped others, which helps them to come to terms with what is happening, which makes a huge difference in the level of support they need from you, therefore reducing the time spent by your staff with the family.
  • We save the family time by sorting and packaging all the items which are being kept, so they can concentrate on being there for each other and liaising with you about the funeral, reassuring them more about the plans and helping your staff to build that vital relationship with them.
  • Additionally, we help the family to deal with the estate by organising and liaising with removal companies for the move, clearing the home of all the unwanted items, and taking them away for recycling or selling and deep cleaning the home in readiness for sale. This could give the family additional funds immediately and will aid in the sale meaning there will be more funds more readily available sooner to help pay for the funeral, reducing administration costs for you and helping cashflow.

This releaves pressure for all involved, by having support for the family to lean on when things can often get stressful and fraught. It also leaves the family to focus on the important task of grieving and communicating with you at the funeral home about what they would like for the funeral, and enabling your staff to concentrate on helping them with the process.

What difference would it make to;

  • stand out from other funeral homes and offer this as an additional service?
  • to get more customers;
  • to improve cashflow, and;
  • to ease the burden on your staff – therefore reducing costs and increasing staff retention.

People are expecting higher levels of service in every industry. Be the ones to extend your offering to show that you really care about your customers and contact us for more information on how we can work together to do this.

* The CMA Funeral Markets Study from June 2018