Care Home & Hospice Support

CHH SupportWhat would your home or hospice look like if your residents were in a happier place when they came to you? How could that improve the overall experience for all involved in the transition?  How much staff time would be saved if your residents and their families were calmer when they arrived?

As you know, “Moving into a home is often a frantic and rushed time … the emotional state of the representatives and guilt about moving the resident into a care home could have a large impact … Residents were often particularly vulnerable at this point …” *.

We offer Senior Move Management where we help both the resident and their representatives in the following ways;

  • We reduce confusion and anxiety of new residents transitioning into care by spending time with them to help them decide what they would like to take with them to make them feel at home and what they would like to donate to others. Focusing on the donation really helps with the resident feeling like they have a voice and are involved in the decision-making process of what happens to their belongings. This helps them to not feel like this is happening around them helps them come to terms with what is happening, which makes a huge difference in the level of support they need when they move in, therefore reducing the time spent by your staff with the resident.
  • We also speed up transition time and help your staff gain a deeper understanding of each individuals needs by taking the time to document the family history and stories relating to their memorable items, because we know the better your staff understand the emotional needs of the new resident, the better they will be able to help them settle in with you in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • We save the family time by sorting and packaging all the items which are being kept, so they can concentrate on being there for the resident and liaising with you about their care, reassuring them more about the home and helping your staff to build that vital relationship with them.
  • Additionally, we also help the family to deal with the estate by organising and liaising with removal companies for the move, clearing the home of all the unwanted items, and taking them away for recycling or selling and deep cleaning the home in readiness for sale. This will aid in the sale meaning there will be more funds more readily available sooner to help pay for the care being delivered (or helping to provide the windfall for the family so they can continue to support them financially – bills get paid on time and without hassle reducing administration costs and helping cashflow).

This relieves pressure for all involved, leaving the family to focus on the important task of supporting the resident and communicating with you at the home about them and the care they need, and enabling your staff to concentrate on settling them in without the added pressure of a stressful move from their home.

What difference would it make;

  • to stand out from other homes and offer this as an additional service as part of your admission process;
  • to get more residents;
  • to improve cashflow, and;
  • to ease the burden on your staff – therefore reducing costs and increasing staff retention.

People are expecting higher levels of service in every industry. Be the ones to extend your offering to show that you really care about your residents and their families and contact us for more information on how we can work together to do this.

* The Ipsos MORI Report for the CMA about Care Homes: Consumer Research from August 2017