Jo Cavalot
Jo Cavalot

My name is Jo Cavalot, and I started DOTTYMOW a few years into my journey of abstinence from alcohol. I used alcohol as a way of dealing with my emotions, before finally realising in 2012 that something needed to change. My career has always involved organisation and project management, and discovering a way to help others develop these skills to improve their own environments has shaped the different ventures I have created.

DOTTYMOW covers the physical decluttering, with Hoarding Disorders UK CIC, dealing with more extreme situations. Fibble enables people to understand themselves in terms of their strengths and weaknesses in how they function. Under the Stuff involves using a psychotherapeutic method to help people get to the root of their issues. 

What we do

Many people offer help in achieving your goals; where we differ is that we provide practical support in helping you take the action necessary. For example, you know the attic needs clearing, yet you waste valuable hours adding the task to your to-do lists. Even spending 10 minutes a day thinking about something equates to 5 hours per month – time that you could be spending on fun stuff! 

Book in with us for just a day, and we can help you get through that daunting task – clearing out whatever you don’t need. Our servcie means getting the job done, no excuses. What could be simpler?

Check out our testimonials page to see exactly how we help people, or give us a call to have a chat about your needs. Alternatively, book in below!

Take the leap – who knows where it may lead!?

You can find out more about my training and the organisations I’m a member of here.