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Decluttering With Kids – Entertaining Them

As part of my series on decluttering with kids I want to talk about getting them out of the way.

‘Sorry kids you know you’re great but; Sometimes we’ve just got to get on with stuff!’

If you can;

  1. Get them to a family member 
  2. Get them to go out for the day
  3. Get them to go for a playdate with a friend. 

This is a great way, where you and other parents can help each other out.

If maybe they go to one parent one weekend, another parent the next weekend, something like that, then you can both get on with the things….But you’re used to doing this as parents, this is what you do! Helping each other out, but prioritise it for decluttering as well, because the amount of time it can actually save you in the long run is huge. 

The little bits every day, of those things that annoy you. If you can get on top of them, then then it can make a massive difference to how you are, and how you are with your kids. 

So the other thing is just maybe stick them in front of a really good DVD… DVD?


I’m so old… I nearly said VIDEO! 

But get them to do something else for a bit, so that you can get on with it. 

I know that’s not ideal, and we don’t like to do that maybe all the time, but sometimes we do just need to get on with the stuff, and think about the long term gain. 

If you can get places that are really annoying you, organised, how much knock-on effect will that have on the rest of your life? And on how you are with your kids as well. 

If everyday, when you’re making them pack lunches, or trying to organise tea, or whatever you’re battling with the kitchen, that isn’t laid out well, then you can actually just end up losing your rag. and getting really angry and taking it out on the kids. 

If you can take that extra time, just to sort it out, then the time in the long run will be better spent. You will be in a better mood and you will feel better, and that will pass on to the kids as well. 

So while it’s difficult to sometimes prioritise that, and maybe feel like you should be doing other things, it is a really important thing to prioritise. 

So help each other out. 

Help other friends out. 

Share the kids around if you can, so that you’ve got some time to get on with it. 

Even get somebody else round, with other kids, so that they can keep themselves occupied. And then you pair can help each other together. 

Then do that at each other’s houses. 

These are great ways to do it, but try and get them out the way, so you can get on with it. 

In the long run they will benefit. 

So don’t be afraid! 

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