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Which Room Should I Declutter First?

A lady asked me the other day about which room to declutter first. It’s an interesting question, if you have a look at my blog five tips to start decluttering, that gives you some pointers about getting going (read it here). One of the stages of that is sitting and pondering and thinking about where you need to start, let’s expand on that a little bit more. 

What are your real problem areas? 

Which areas are causing you the most hassle day-to-day as you’re going through your life? 

That is things that are stopping you doing things that you want to do, or they’re taking longer so you’re not having the time to do as much stuff you want to do. 

Maybe that your kitchen is just a bit disorganized and you can’t get to things at the back of the cupboards. You’re having to sort of fight a little bit. Where you kind of put things just doesn’t really work, that kind of thing. 

The places where if you kind of have a little bit of a think about it and add up how long that all those little bits take you extra in a day. It may be that you know you’re you’re preparing lunch and you have to go to various different places in your kitchen, and each of those just adds on a few seconds, a few seconds, a few seconds but in doing that by the time you finish you’ve ended up spending five minutes longer than you need to. 

Time is very valuable to us these days, we don’t have a lot of time to throw away. We have exactly the same amount of time as we always did, but we want to use it better. 

Having places organised can help with this. 

It might be the same in your bedroom. 

Maybe every morning you go to your wardrobe and you go “Oh god, what am I gonna wear?” And actually that is just not only taking your time, but taking your energy. 

I used to look at a wardrobe that was full of stuff that didn’t fit me and every morning I opened it up and went “Oh god, you know, what can I wear?” I’d get things out and I try them on and I didn’t like them, I put them back and I just felt really kind of crap about myself after I’d done that, as well as taking loads of time trying on loads of stuff that I didn’t even really like or didn’t fit.

Once I got rid of all that, in the morning I now go to my wardrobe and I just put something on. It takes all that time and that emotional kind of drain out of me. 

So really think about what areas are doing that to you? 

It’s worth taking some time over. 

What are these spaces? 

How do they make you feel? 

It may be that the kitchen is the biggest problem for the family, but the wardrobe might be the biggest problem for you. 

How will it impact on you? 

What will help you get you started on clearing out other other areas afterwards? 

Really have a think about how you feel and about what you want to tackle, and what you think is going to be the best for you, not just in time but in headspace as well.

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