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Recycling Your Declutter

One of the things we focus on at DottyMOW is decluttering without waste. We try and use everything that comes out of somebody’s home or recycle it where we can. 

Now our first port of call is always charity shops, ideally local charities. We try desperately to give it to local places that need it, or local organisations. 

For example there’s some arts and crafts ones that we can give those sort of materials to. 

We work closely with lots of local charities to try and get them the items that they really need, and that they can maximise getting as much money as they can for, for their charity. 

For example there’s some that specialise in retro clothing, there’s others that specialise in electricals, whereas others don’t. 

We build up a big picture of who needs what and where it’s gonna get its most value. 

This is really important for our clients, it’s very important for people to know that it’s going to be of use to somebody else. A lot of the stuff we have in our homes is useful but we’re not using it, therefore it’s useless to us, but it can be useful to somebody else. And that’s what we really focus on. 

There are always items that aren’t gonna be good enough to go to charity, and there we have to look at how we recycle them. 

There’s a company in Sheffield called Intelligent Hand Dryers who have come out with a fantastic tool recently to help people figure out where they can go to get things recycled in Sheffield. 

If you’re somewhere else, I’m ever so sorry but it’s only in Sheffield at the moment.

If you go to their website which is  you will get up a little tool where you can actually search for locations which recycle specific items. 

So that’s a fantastic tool that they’ve come up with and it just means that people can actually find places to take things – like your plastic that doesn’t get recycled in your normal bins. 

We have great systems, we have paper and plastic recycling, and the bins for those. But not everything can go into those for example where to recycle the carrier bags, the film and stretch wrap that you get off of things, the plastics that can’t be recycled, the the paper sort of tetrapack cartons – all things like that and they’re all listed in there.

A lot of them are at supermarkets and things like that where you may be popping along to all the time, but didn’t know that they do those things.

It’s all about trying to limit as much to landfill as we can, and get as much recycled and reused as we can.

So please do your bit, have a look at that tool because it’s a great, it’s a great thing for day to day and whether you’re decluttering or not.

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