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Letting Go

I often talk about clutter weighing you down, and I just want to share a bit of an experience I’ve been through recently about how I’ve definitely realised that more in my life. 

I have got quite a decluttered house, I’m fairly organised, there’s not too much going on here really, I often clear out, I don’t tend to hang on to things really. 

But one of the things I’ve been doing recently is clearing out some of the more tricky stuff shall I say. It’s the things with memories, emotional attachments, items from my past, from childhood, from previous relationships, from things that I was holding on to. 

I didn’t even really realise I was. 

They were just sort of there, I kind of became a bit blind to them or they were in a box. 

I’ve actually been tackling some of that stuff and it’s been amazing, it’s been absolutely amazing. 

I sat the other night with a box and it had all old cards, letters, exercise books from primary school so much from my life so far. Stuff that I hadn’t really been willing to get rid of before. That I felt I needed for whatever reason, I don’t know why, but I needed to hold on to it. 

And where I’m at at the minute, I just thought actually I need to have a look through this and see whether it’s serving me or not anymore. 

I had a huge clear out, I got rid of a lot of stuff. 

A lot of stuff that actually was great memories, or some of it wasn’t such great memories, but I didn’t need to have it anymore. 

I think that kind of attachment that we can have to keeping that item otherwise we’ll lose the memory, maybe was why I kept some of those things. And actually I don’t need that. 

I firmly believe that the past is great, and it’s fantastic and it’s great to remember all those sorts of things. But I’m not going that way, I’ve been there I’m heading into the future, and I want to see what’s coming next. 

One of the things I felt is the weight lift off me – it was definitely weighing me down. And as that’s lifted, I’ve also felt a new energy in the house, it’s almost like somebody opened a window and this like air going through all of a sudden. 

One of the great things that’s happened is that more things are coming into my life, as I clear out that old stuff, as I let it go, as I kind of go “do you know what I’ll move on from that” 

New opportunities are arising and there’s some amazing things happening at the minute. And I just really feel that the stuff that we have and the attachments we have to it, can just be a burden, it’s like carrying a bag full of rocks sometimes. 

You know and you need to, every now and again, just shed some of those. 

Get rid of them. 

Chuck them out.

See what else comes in. 

So I highly recommend getting rid of some of those rocks.

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