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Office Declutter Review

I am here with Sue and we have just finished doing an office declutter which we’ve been doing for two days. We had an initial start and then we had a bit more of a fettle today. And today we have got all organised and sorted, if you would prefer to watch this interview, the video will be below. 

Jo: Sue how do you feel? 

Sue: Fantastic and exhausted. 

Jo: It is draining isn’t it. What did you expect from it? 

Sue: I’m not sure, I think I had a better idea today, than I did when we did the first day. Because when we did the first day, I expected to start with the top of my desk, which was an absolute pit and you said no we start with the storage. And that was a bit of a revelation, but it worked really well. So today I knew it was gonna be more storage and the kind of surface clutter would come last. 

Jo: Absolutely yeah, I think that’s one of the common problems people make. They start with the stuff on top and just end up moving stuff around. Whereas if you start with the storage actually you’ve got then places to put stuff. 

Sue: Well that’s right, I mean the stuff that was on my desk ought to have been in my drawers that I couldn’t get in the drawers because the drawers were overflowing. 

Jo: Yeah. 

Sue: And just having permission to get rid of stuff  which is stupid because I’m in control my own life. But having, I think I said to you earlier on, about borrowing permission, and the energy to keep going and do it. Because it’s the sort of thing that if you say “oh I’m going to spend an hour tidying” it needs to be a good chunk of time. 

Jo: A good chunk of time yeah, I mean we’ve had two solid days at this haven’t we? So you know that’s 16 hours of sorting. But I mean we found stuff from… when was the earliest we found stuff from dated? 

Sue: 2010. 

Jo: Yeah so it’s 10 years of stuff. So actually two days is not a bad amount of time to sort it really is it? 

[They laugh]

Jo: I think we did very well. And what’s your plan for keeping on top of it now? 

Sue: Putting things away when I use them. And also building a bit of time in, once a month just to have a fettle. 

Jo: Absolutely, I think it is really important to stay on top of it. And that’s where people can fall down. 

Sue: That’s one of the things I want to watch because I’m not a complete finisher. I’m a great starter. So one of the things I’m working on, is knowing that when I’ve finished something, it’s not actually finished till I’ve closed it and put it away. Rather than I’ve finished writing, put the pen down and that it’s finished and it’s not. Or you know completing a report on the screen and the file is still on my desk, it’s not complete, until it’s away. That’s, I’ve just got to work on that. That just needs more discipline. 

Jo: Yeah. 

Sue: Now because I know I can put things away. And I know that I have changed my habits in the bedroom, which you helped me with before. And I do put things away there, I now know I can! 

Jo: Yes absolutely. 

Sue: And that’s huge! 

Jo: And because everything has a place whereas before it was kind of all in chaos really. 

Sue: There wasn’t anywhere logical to put things. 

Jo: So now there’s a space for it. That does make a lot more sense. 

Sue: I do also now know I do have enough space and enough storage. I don’t need another filing cabinet or another set of drawers. 

Jo: Most people sort of go for more storage first and actually if you clear out what’s there, then you can usually fit more stuff in. What would you say if anybody is sort of, in a bit of a, loads of heaps all over the desk and things like that? You know, what would you advise? 

Sue: I would advise them to ring you and I seriously would. Because I’ve tried, and we’ve talked about it, I’ve tried to tidy my desk. I’ve taken advice from other people, who said just clear your desktop put it somewhere you can go through it – but clear your desktop. And all that happens is I end up with bags and boxes of the stuff that I’ve taken off. And then I collect it again, and I’ve still got nowhere to put things. So if somebody’s desk is heaped up, I would seriously say to give you a call. And then don’t be tempted to try and squirrel it away before you come! 

Jo: Yes! Yeah, you’ve got to kind of give the full picture. Absolutely. 

Sue: That’s quite hard because there’s an element of pride involved in that. But this time round I didn’t even think about tidying my desk before you came. I thought I’m not doing that because, I know, I need to tackle the drawers first. And I knew I couldn’t tackle those without you. 

Jo: Lets just see in a draw, go on open a drawer. Oh look at that, isn’t it beautiful!?! (Watch video below to see) 

Sue: It is. There were rubber bands breeding in every draw! Loose rubber bands. 

Jo: We’ve come to the end, fantastic thank you ever so much Sue, I’ve really enjoyed it. 

Sue: You’re very welcome, I enjoyed it too.

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