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The Hanger Trick

I want to share with you a top tip for your wardrobe. It’s one I’ve heard, I can’t take credit for this at all, but I can’t remember for the life of me where I’ve heard it. I’ve heard this tip a few times from a few different sources, so this is not like my idea in the first place. But it is a great one that works for sorting out your wardrobe. 

One of the things we do is we cram lots of stuff in, and we just keep cramming really.

We might have a clear-out every now and again and go “Oh yeah I kind of like that, I’m not sure oh yeah” And one of the things that you can’t necessarily remember is when you actually last wore it. So it might be “oh yeah I wore that recently” but you’re not quite sure when really. Actually when I look at some of my things, it’s probably been quite a long long time since I wore them. 

So this is a great trick, which is called The Hanger Trick

What you do is you turn all your hangers to face the same way. 

For me I turn them the wrong way, because I don’t like them being the wrong way. 

You turn them all face that way, and then when you throughout the month, throughout time, when you when you take something out and wear it, when you put it back after you’ve washed it you turn the hanger to face the other way. 

This means when you come to your wardrobe, you know what you’ve worn and what you haven’t. As you’re going through your weeks and the month or whatever you can try and wear things that you haven’t necessarily worn before. So you’re using more of your wardrobe. So you might actually go I wore that last week so I’ll wear that one instead, because you can see immediately by which way the hangers turned. 

Then at the end of a period of time, that might be two months, it might be a month, it might be might be three months for you, whatever feels comfortable. After that time then you look at what you haven’t worn. 

For example, my wardrobe has been like this (mixed up hangers) for about two months now so I’m probably due for a bit of clear out. And I have this top I can see I haven’t worn because the hanger hasn’t been turned back, but actually this is a summer top, so I’m gonna hang on to that. 

There are sort of things like that, it might be evening dresses, maybe you’re not going to wear those all the time. 

This other t-shirt however, is not really a summer top, I’m not really sure I like it, and I haven’t worn it, so actually it’s going to go. 

That’s as simple as it needs to be. 

I’ve got a spare hanger there if I need it, now I’ll put that out the way because I don’t actually need it in my wardrobe at the minute. Then I’ll turn all my hangers again, once I’ve gone through this process to face the wrong way, and as we go through the month just see if I can wear things that are a bit different. 

It means that we’re not going for the same things, because we tend to only use about 10-20% of our wardrobes, so we just go for those same clothes all the time. This means actually we’re looking a bit different, we’re picking some different stuff you. So this helps you not go out and buy more clothes, because you’re actually using some of the stuff that you don’t use. 

So great tip, try the hanger trick, let me know how you get on.

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