Can decluttering save you money? Decluttering and organising services

Can Decluttering Save You Money?

Can decluttering save you money?

I firmly believe that it can. 

One of the things about decluttering is that you declutter and then you organise. It’s not just about getting rid of the things, which can actually make you money if you sell them – so that’s the first way that you can make money on that. So you’re definitely not losing money. 

But the organisation for me, and the people that I deal with, means that people are not buying things needlessly. 

I did a declutter with a lady the other day and we did her office and we found six packets of blue tack. Now that may not seem like a huge deal but if you add that onto all the extra plastic files that have been bought, all the extra staples, all the extra pins, you know people tend to buy more when they can’t find the things that they need. 

So when you’re decluttering you’re getting rid of all the excess, but then you’re organising what’s left over and putting things into places so that you know what you’ve got. That’s going to save you money on buying the things needlessly that you don’t need. Because you can actually find the stuff that you’ve got, which is fantastic. 

The other thing is if you look at the amount of time being disorganised and being cluttered takes up. I was doing some email workshops the other day and I added up, if you spend an extra 10 minutes a day, just 10 minutes, looking for something. If you charge yourself out at £30 an hour, over the year that equates to £1,300. 

£1,300 is not a small amount of money. That is a holiday. That is huge, it’s loads of new stuff, it’s those experiences that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. All that time it just costs you money. 

Especially if you work for yourself, if you’re like for me I’m self-employed, you I have my own business, if I’m spending 10 minutes a day extra doing something, it’s actually costing me money. 

So work out the value of how much that extra time, look at it realistically and go okay how long is this taking me being disorganised? 

What is the impact on my life? 

How much is it impacting on my life? 

And put a financial value to it. 

You’ll soon see how much time and how much money you could save if you got more organised. 

So decluttering and organising, it’s going to save you money, it’s going to save you time and that will save you money as well. 

Also being more organised makes me more efficient. It definitely makes me more efficient. It makes everything I do, just a little easier. With a clearer head space, it’s so much easier to do the things that I need to do. So then the knock-on effect of it is even more time saved, saving even more money. 

There is really no excuse, so go ahead save yourself some time, save yourself some money and get decluttering.

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