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Why do we get chilled out when we go to hotels?

Why do we get chilled out when we go to hotels? 

I’ve come away this weekend and immediately as soon as I got into the hotel room I just went “ahh”. It was ever so lovely, it was a really nice calm space and I just relaxed immediately.

It made me really think about my space at home and what stuff I’ve got in it to be honest. Because I come here and there’s very very little in the room. I mean there’s a beautiful plant, there’s a desk, there’s a lamp, there’s things like that. But because there’s very little around me, I do feel a sense of calm. 

I think this is something that we can try and bring into our homes.

So we have (I have, I can only talk for myself really and the people that I see) quite a lot of ornaments, quite a lot of things around. Actually when I’ve got here I’ve realised that maybe, maybe they’re just crowding me a little bit. 

I’ve got a feeling that when I get home I just want to clear out now, just get rid of some of this stuff. Not necessarily get rid of it, one of the great tricks with ornaments is to actually you can rotate them round. 

We pick up lots of things when we’re out and about in the world, traveling, we get lots of different things that we pick up. And actually what we can do is have all of those things, but just not have them out at the same time. 

There’s this real great urge to kind of put all of our things out and have all those memories around us. 

Actually I get blind to them. 

So because that picture has been on the wall there for ages, I kind of don’t see it anymore. And because that little ornament has been there for the same amount of time, I don’t see it anymore. 

Actually coming away makes me sort of think. When I get back it makes me look at things a little bit differently. But if I move them round if I rotate them, but put them in different positions, if I have a couple of boxes where I put some things away and then every couple of months just get different things out, then it can really change the environment all the time. It makes it feel a bit new. 

You can do this with soft furnishings as well, so do it with your cushions and and even your curtains if you wanted to. 

But just change things round so that you don’t spend a fortune redecorating, it means you’re not buying new stuff all the time, but once you’ve got a bit bored of it, just swap it for something new. 

Coming away this weekend has really made me think;
How much have I got out? 

Do I really want it all out? 

Is it kind of crowding my space? 

Do I just want to have a bit of a declutter, clear some stuff away, not bin it necessarily, not get rid of it even. Some of it I might not have any use for anymore I might have passed that time where it meant something to me. But most of it might just go in boxes and then I can rotate it round, get it out at another point in time. 

Maybe have a think next time you go away, why does this hotel feel so nice? Am I able to relax here? And think about how you can then transfer that to your own home.


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