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5 Reasons to Declutter

I’d like to talk to you today about five reasons why you should declutter. 

I can come up with all sorts of reasons and ideas that I think, but actually I’m going to tell you what my customers have said. And these are things that they’ve come up with after having the experience of decluttering. 


The first one is saving time. 

So one of my customers said; 

“What has been created are three spaces that are now much more efficient, functional and more relaxing. No more time wasted looking for stuff we can’t find.” 

– Doug and his family.

We spent three half days just clearing out some areas in his house. They now don’t have to search everywhere for things so it’s saved them lots of time. 


Peace of mind. 

“I didn’t think money could buy peace of mind, but it turns out it can. We totally made the change to the space I wanted to make.” 

– Emma

That was a great wardrobe declutter that we did and ended up exactly what she wanted it to be. 


Life runs more smoothly now.

“Makes life run more smoothly, together we did what me and my family needed to make our lives run smoothly and help organise it in a way that makes sense.”

– Lindsey

That was a few hours in her kitchen just organising their cupboards, not in what order things should be put in the cupboards, but actually in the order that they used them. Putting the stuff that wasn’t used towards the back, the stuff they used most often at the front – making it logical for them. 

Making it work for their family. 


“Dealing with underlying issues.” 

– Nikki 

Nikki was able to move on after finally ridding herself of the clutter and looking at the emotional elements that have been holding her back. One of the trickiest things we did on that declutter, was a big box of cards and letters and old Valentine’s cards – all sorts of things in there, and she was able to just talk about those experiences and let go of some of those things. 

That’s the kind of thing that the clutter around us can represent, so letting go of those things can deal with all sorts of things that you maybe didn’t think were an issue, but are still there with you. 

Moving on from them is a cracking thing to do. 


Feeling calmer. 

“A week on from my first decluttering session with Jo and I feel like a new woman. Created a more calming and organised space. There is no stopping me now!” 

– Helen

Helens on a mission now to do it in the rest of her house. But it is, it’s calm, it’s organised, it’s not as stressful as it was before. 

So those five reasons again, from the words of the customers; 

Saving time, 

Peace of mind, 

Making life run more smoothly (being more organised), 

Dealing with underlying issues (so the things that maybe you didn’t realise were a problem) and, 

Feeling calmer. 

So there’s plenty of reasons there why you should declutter. The new year is a cracking time to get started, so why not begin and just begin on that decluttering journey. 

You might surprise yourself at how much it benefits your life.


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